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In his Last Will and Testament, William Stretesky requested that a Private Foundation be created in his name to benefit Sedgwick County, CO and its  residents.  William Stretesky, a long-time resident of Sedgwick County, was an avid farmer.  He was single until the age of sixty-five and he had no children.  As his life progressed, the residents of Sedgwick County, CO became his extended family.  It may have been for this reason that he decided to leave the bulk of his estate in a Foundation with a primary goal to enhance and benefit the Sedgwick County Community and its residents.  To date, nearly one hundred percent of his agricultural real estate remains in the foundation, which fulfills the profound wish of William Stretesky.  Grant funds are generated through cash leasing the Foundation’s real estate, which is located in Sedgwick and Phillips County, Colorado and Chase, Deuel, and Perkins County, Nebraska.

William Stretesky

Grant Categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Community Development
  • Medical & Emergency
  • Historical Preservation
  • Operating Expenses

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The William Stretesky Foundation - Reaping Benefits for Sedgwick County